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Development status of laser industry
Update time:2017-04-13 14:37:12
As an important tool in semiconductor manufacturing, lasers are also used in the manufacture of other products, from a razor blade to the jet engine manufacturing plays an important role; like IPG Photonics (IPGP) and Newport (NEWP) of these companies have seen the industry growth point.
The small size and low cost make it easier to be a part of a precision tool, replacing the old processing technology in factories and research laboratories.
NEWP CEO Bob Phillippy pointed out that the mechanical tools can not be completed, can be done by laser."
Laser is not only used for cutting and welding. They are also used in scientific instruments, such as those that produce cell membrane images.
From military to civilian
Phillippy pointed out that the military has long been the use of laser targeting and monitoring; applications in these areas can be extended to civilian areas.
IPG Photonics, Newport, Coherent (COHR) and Rofin-Sinar (RSTI) growth trend of laser manufacturers in the past few quarters of profit and growth has doubled and two digits; mainly manufacturing recovery and government policies to stimulate consumption driven.
Noble Financial analyst Mark Miller pointed out that with the user to upgrade, low operating costs of fiber lasers began to replace the status of gas lasers. IPG, a company known for fiber lasers, has doubled its shares this year. Coherent, Rofin-Sinar and Newport are beginning to enter the fiber laser market.

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