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Optical fiber current transformer solution
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Background introduction
With the development of power industry to the high voltage and large capacity in the direction of development, the traditional electromagnetic current transformer electromagnetic induction principle exposed more and more problems, based on for example, its measurement mechanism determines the transformer in high voltage and ultra high voltage insulation under the existing difficulties, prone to explosion, measuring range and accuracy is limited and system the fault state saturation etc.. In recent years the rapid development of electronic and optical fiber communication, promote the new type optical fiber current transformer (Fiber Optic Current Transducer, FOCT) research and application.
The FOCT is based on the Faraday magneto optic effect, which determines the magnitude of the current by measuring the angle of rotation of the light wave in the presence of a magnetic field generated by the current through the magneto-optical material. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic current transformer, FOCT has many advantages, including small size, simple insulation structure, no safety, no magnetic saturation, the measurement bandwidth and high precision and anti electromagnetic interference, can adapt to the transmission network voltage increasing, also meet the demand of high precision and high range and safety requirements.

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