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Free space Isolator
Isolator & Faraday mirror
Fused Fiber Optic Coupler
Micro optical product
Optical fiber circulator
Hybrid/Components For EDFA
Optical switch
Polarization Maintaining(PM)
PLC Splitter
Standard Wavelength Reference
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Standard Wavelength Reference
PLC Splitter
In-line Polarizer
Polarization Beam Combiner/Spl
Polarization Maintaining Filte
Polarization Maintaining Optic
Polarization Maintaining Optic
2X2 Bypass Muti-mode Mechanica
About us
        ADF Fibercom limited is one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of high quality fiber optic passive devices.

        Our company product variety, a single multimode coupler, gear box coupler, optical collimator, WDM, coarse WDM, dense WDM, downlink WDM, isolator, free space isolator and circulator, mechanical optical switches, polarization maintaining products and jumper products.

Development status of laser
DFB Laser
Construction of TDLAS detect
All fiber fluorescence tempe
Optical fiber current transf
Distributed optical fiber te
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